How you can own your own Napa Valley vineyard

by TrevR on October 1, 2007

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Ok, well, almost anyway.

On Friday evening we came across a new website that lets you select a vineyard block and follow it throughout the growing season, “…from bud break through harvest, complete with a series of fun and educational notes…” The site, Adopt a Grape, is super easy to use and follow and will certainly entertain anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning their own vineyard.

Simply go through a quick registration process and you’re ready to select your vineyard block. There are seven choices, including options for petit verdot and cabernet sauvignon. We chose block five, a Cabernet Sauvignon, of course. Here’s the description:

Block five has the most challenging soil in our vineyard. The rock that forms our wine cave slides down and bisects the vineyard through this block. Its rocky soil put an incredible stress on the vines, making it struggle for them to grow and produce grapes. However, this soil creates extraordinary fruit and is worth the trouble of farming such inhospitable soil.

Next you’re taken to your grape log, which gives you various updates (using small photos and text) on how your lot is progressing. We also understand that we will soon receive “…a series of short film updates” on the progress of our grapes throughout the growing season and harvest. We’re looking forward to it!

As a result of our adoption of some prime Napa Valley grapes, we’re now the proud owners of this badge:

I've adopt'd a grape

Give the site, which was founded by Duane and Susan Hoff, a whirl, it’s fun, educational and super-easy to use.

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