Cork Board comments: September 2007

by TrevR on September 30, 2007

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Here we are, another month has come and gone. Read on for a quick round-up of our favorite reader comments for the month of September…

As part of an on-going theme, our posts around Daryl Sattui’s ‘castle of love’ (aka Castello di Amorosa), continue to elicit a wide range of comments. People seem to either love or despise the massive structure. This month, we heard from Roger, who shared a somewhat frightening experience:

I went there with my girlfriend for her birthday sept. 5. We stood at the wine bar for 10 minutes without a word spoken to us while more than one group who entered after us were served. I didn’t want to think that it might be because my girlfriend is black, this is 2007, but as we went on being ignored, my suspicions grew. We asked for our money back and told them why, we were informed that the fee was an unrefundable entrance fee, not a wine tasting fee. Who woulda thought?

Another Cork Board reader, Art, visited the castle and had this to say:

We were very unimpressed by Castello di Amorosa when we visited in September. We also had to wait to be served, but in our case, at least, I think out of disregard for potential customers rather than prejudice. We did not care for the wine. Leaving that to each individual as a matter of taste, the most shocking thing we encountered was the advice we received in the wine tasting room. My sister-in-law declined a glass of Gewurztraminer because she does not care for dry wine. The wine tasting guide said, “That’s OK. Some people think this wine is too dry and others think our ___ is too sweet, so mix them together!” I doubt that’s what Sattui had in mind when he opened a winery. For all the work, the castle itself did not seem authentic close up. Perhaps it will once the landscaping is completed. For now it looks better from the patio at the Sterling winery across the way.

Until next month, keep on commenting!

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