2007 harvest report: Spring Mountain Vineyard

by TrevR on September 10, 2007

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Seeing as we’re sitting here in the Napa Valley amongst some of the most prominent wineries and winemakers in the world, we thought we’d introduce a new little feature for the 2007 harvest season.

We’re asking local vintners and winemakers three quick questions about the ’07 harvest and will bring you their answers, unedited, in hopes of providing some insight into what’s happening in the vineyards during this important time.

First up is St. Helena’s Spring Mountain Vineyard, whose winemaker Jac Cole was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to give us an update on things:

Spring Mountain VineyardCB: How would you characterize the 2007 harvest thus far? We’re not looking for predictions on how things might turn out, but rather what you’re truly seeing at this point in time.

Cole: It’s mostly how has the growing season been up to this point; we had an early bud break and a fairly mild late Spring and early summer which had us nicely on track, but the heat spell in late August pushed a few varietals even faster. We started on August 28th, about a month earlier than 2006 and just Sauv. Blanc and Pinot Noir have come in. The cooling trend we’re in right now bodes well for stretching the harvest out a bit and allowing the Bordeaux varieties to reach full maturity.

CB: Where are you in terms of your ’07 crop at this point in time?

Cole: To this date we have a bit less than 10% in, which isn’t too remarkable when you factor in that about 80% of our grapes are Bordeaux varieties.

CB: What has been the biggest surprise to you regarding the ’07 crop and why?

Cole: Being a strictly mountain vineyard in Napa Valley and it being a drought year I’m surprised the vineyards look so good. We have very little water available to mediate heat spells and their resultant stress conditions, but the vines look good and maturation is moving in a fairly normal line.

CB: Thanks much Jac!

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