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by TrevR on August 31, 2007

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August 2007 was quite an eventful month and we’ve got a lot of wonderful comments from you, our readers, to share this time around.

On our way to grab some dinner one evening, we were stopped by the Napa Valley Wine Train and we snapped a few photos as it passed by. We asked if anyone had any memorable wine train experiences and were quite entertained by what we heard. Debra had this to say:

My Most Memorable Wine Train Experience: circa 1980s

I was “working the deck” at the Red Hen Cantina. I was the kind of local person who watched the Wine Train controversy from afar and I could see several sides to the issue, which was easy because it does not affect me personally… anyway, the deck was hopping, the margaritas were flowing, the nachos and fajitas were coming out of the kitchen in a steady stream… There was a train whistle in the distance – and chugging toward us was the choo-choo. When it got close enough, I could see food & drink silhouettes in every dining car window and well-heeled folks outside on the caboose. Then I looked up the railing of the restaurant deck, I saw my bartender brother, who was so cute-he-got-away-with-everything, stand up on a bench, turn round, drop his jeans and moon the Wine Train.
Ah, good times…

Danielle was also not impressed:

I have been on, it is overpriced and hard to get over the polictical issues surrounding it. Since I live in St. Helena, it does not make sense for anyone here really to dine on it when we have such wonderful restaurants here. It is nothing more than a tourist trap with owners who only care about profit and getting it anyway they can, such as tearing up peoples driveway to repair their track and then sending the owners of the property the bill. Makes it hard to enjoy a steak or ride.

We wrote about the 2007 summer growing season beginning to wind down and heard from Alastair Bathgate about what’s going on in the UK:

Hey guys. You are lucky. Here in the UK we had our entire summer this weekend gone (one day of gorgeous sunshine). Prior to that it rained and rained and today it is raining again.

Not sure what effect this will have on the English grape harvest, but weather in Europe has been much hotter so perhaps I’ll be back on French wines next year.

Once again, our review of Daryl Sattui’s Castello di Amorosa prompted Irene & Joni to share their recent experience:

Our Bunco group from Grass Valley visited the castle in July of 2007. We enjoyed the concert immensely and very much enjoyed dinner in the turret. We had so much fun meeting Darrell and listening to his stories about his amazing castle. Thank God there weren’t any railroad tracks (remember the story you told us about Reno when you were 17?)!

Love from the Grass Valley Bunco Group!

Finally, we welcomed a new addition to our family on the 18th and several of you were kind enough to offer a few words of encouragement, which was greatly appreciated.

Keep those comments coming in September!

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