Wine Spectator reports on the potentially ‘fantastic’ 2007 wine harvest

by TrevR on August 16, 2007

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Wine Spectator is out this afternoon with a nice round-up article on the latest prognostications for the 2007 wine harvest. Overall, it’s a good read, although at this point, haven’t we all come to expect the various winemakers to hype the annual harvest every year?

Here’s one of the Napa Valley-related excerpts:

In Napa Valley, the weather has been uneventful, without the intense summer heat spikes that often plague growers. “So far it’s been fantastic,” said Genevieve Janssens, winemaker at Robert Mondavi Winery, who began picking Sauvignon Blanc in Calistoga on Aug. 8 and expects to bring in more from Oakville this week. “There’s been very little [high] heat, so the canopies are very green. We’ve done very little irrigation, and the vines are well-balanced. I’m pretty excited.”

Full story is here.

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