Important notice about a special 2007 vintage to be released later this month

by TrevR on August 8, 2007

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As our longtime readers will know, the team here at The Cork Board is expecting a very special 2007 vintage to arrive at some point in the near future–sometime this month, in fact. While it’s all but impossible to know the exact date of arrival, we do expect it to be on or around the 20th.

One of our very first posts on this here blog way back in early March offered expectant mothers a few suggestions on how to enjoy the wine country. Perhaps in early September we’ll have to write a post with suggestions for how new parents can navigate the Napa Valley.

Between now and then, if posting seems a little sporadic or if we go MIA for a few days at a time, please be patient and don’t forget about us! Oh yeah…and just in case you were wondering, no, we won’t be doing this. We do promise to be back, albeit much more bleary-eyed, when the time is right…

Cheers everyone!

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