Cork Board comments: July 2007

by TrevR on July 31, 2007

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Believe it or not, another busy month has come and gone…Here are our favorite reader comments for the month of July.

We added a new feature to the blog in July–we’re now tracking all Napa Valley wineries that have blogs. We found just a select few in our quick research and reader Julian helped us build out our list quite a bit! Thanks Julian!

Cameron Hughes was kind enough to do an interview with us about his business and upcoming releases. Dr. Debs had this to say:

Great job, everybody. Thanks to you all for bringing this story to us. CH has fans (like me) and skeptics, but there’s one thing I know for sure: nothing gets me to the Costco faster than a CH Wine announcement!

We covered news of a new movie getting set to start filming in the valley and reader “B. Napa” said we should check-out CRUSH:

Good luck to those projects…
if you want to see a REAL wine film, check out “CRUSH” a B. Napa film playing online.

MsRebecca enjoyed our photos of the wine grapes changing from green to dark purple this month. She noted:

Wonderful.. wonderful pics of juicy grapes waiting to be plucked and made into mouth-watering wine

And finally, “Peter” visited Daryl Sattui’s Castello di Amorosa this month and shared his thoughts:

I visited the Castello di Amorosa in July, 2007. I felt I was at a Disneyland winery — and that isn’t a good thing. Serious and semi-serious wine drinkers should avoid the winery. The wines were good enough, but not at the prices they charged. Although the castle was impressive, I felt it was out-of-place and a monument to someone’s ego. I’d describe myself as a semi-serious wine drinker willing to give nearly anything a go. I have visited dozens of wineries in Napa and Sonoma. A few have disappointed me. This was the biggest disappointment.

Keep those comments coming! Until next month…

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