Calling all Napa Valley wineries, where are your blogs?

by TrevR on June 27, 2007

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This is a question that’s been on our mind for a long time. In fact, when we launched this blog we were amazed that no one appeared to be blogging on a regular basis about the Napa Valley itself! But with something like 400 wineries in the valley, how can it be that only a handful (at the very best) are actively blogging?

Sure, there are plenty of reasons (we might argue they’re excuses) for a winery to not have a blog:

  • Lack the technical know-how to get one up-and-running
  • Can’t devote enough time to update with new content
  • Are reluctant to open themselves up to potentially negative comments/criticism

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool and can play a big role in establishing or changing perceptions of a brand. We can’t think of a better, more direct, immediate way to engage with customers. Not only that, but many wineries could greatly benefit from the addition of a little ‘personality’, which can easily be done via a blog. We’d be first in line to subscribe to a blog written by Jayson Pahlmeyer, or any of the crew over at Judd’s Hill or a winemaker perspective from any winery. This is truly a missed opportunity in our mind.

As of this writing, we’re only aware of one or two Napa Valley wineries that have regularly updated blogs.

Trefethen blog ‘coming soon’Goosecross Cellars has a well-established and informative Napa Valley Wine Radio community and blog. Trefethen Family Vineyards’ website has said a blog is “coming soon” for the better part of the past six months.

Outside of these guys, we’re not aware of any other Napa Valley wineries that are engaging with customers using the blog format. Hopefully we’ve missed a few. If so, drop us a comment or email and let us know about it. Or better yet, tell us why you think there aren’t more Napa Valley winery blogs in existence.

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