‘House of Mondavi’ already causing a stir in the valley?

by TrevR on June 19, 2007

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As those of you regular Cork Board readers know, we’ve been quite excited about the release of Julia Flynn Siler’s new book, The House of Mondavi (officially out today). In fact, just yesterday we posted an interview with Siler and at the tail end of that post, we mentioned a planned book reading and signing scheduled for this coming Friday, June 22nd, at Copperfield’s Books in Napa.

Today, we’ve learned that the Napa reading and signing, which had been promoted on various event listings sites and on Siler’s personal website, have been mysteriously canceled. We placed a call to Copperfield’s and were told that a reading was never scheduled and that the signing was never 100 percent confirmed and had been canceled. When we asked why, we were told we’d have to speak with the store manager for details. They are however selling the book we were told.

Sounds fishy if you ask us–we were looking forward to meeting Siler in-person later this week. Is the ‘House of Mondavi’ simply too controversial for this local bookstore? There’s no question the Mondavi family is seen as royalty in the valley. Could something else be at work here, or are we simply reading too much into this?

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