Five things we’ve learned from our first 100 posts

by TrevR on June 12, 2007

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Sometime late last week we passed the 100 post mark, which in our mind is a bit of a milestone. So, in order to celebrate and reflect a bit on our first 100 posts, we’ve put together a quick list of the top five things we’ve learned since we launched this blog earlier this year. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) The world of wine blogging is a relatively small, tight-knit group and there are many folks out there who provide us inspiration and give us something to strive for. We’re talking about the likes of Fermenation, Vinography, Good Wine Under $20, Lenndevours, Pinotblogger and all the rest of you. As we got this blog off the ground we reached out to the greater wine blogging community and really didn’t know what to expect. We found folks to be nothing but encouraging, welcoming and very willing to help. It was a pleasant surprise and taught us how to be a solid member (at least we think we are) of the wine blogging community.

2) Sometimes the post that you think is going to generate the most discussion or ignite a debate does precisely the opposite and falls on seemingly deaf ears. On the other hand, what you may consider a ‘throw-away’ post, or something more on the fluffy side, will strike a chord and get people talking and linking. We’ve learned that you can’t always predict how people will react to what you write, you’ve just gotta put it out there and take whatever comes.

3) Having a blog about Napa Valley allows you to meet and interact with quite a diverse and interesting set of people. We’ve got a lot more in the hopper and look forward to bringing it all to you soon.

4) There are days and even weeks where the ideas just seem to flow and writing entries is a simple pleasure. At other times, writing feels like a big chore and we’ve found ourselves feeling somewhat bitter at the blog for making us pay attention to it! It’s certainly a love-hate relationship, but for whatever reason we keep coming back.

5) This is a powerful medium. It was surprising to us how we could quickly engage in conversations with fellow wine bloggers from all over the globe. Through this little endeavour of ours we’ve been able to have meaningful discussions and virtually meet fellow wine lovers from Spain, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and elsewhere. Wine is truly a global passion for many.

Certainly by the time we reach the 200 post plateau we’ll have more to share. Until then, happy sipping!

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