revamps search, still can’t find this little ole blog

by TrevR on June 5, 2007

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The entire world appears to be buzzing today about’s revamped search engine, Ask3D. Not only have all the A-list bloggers like Michael Arrington at TechCrunch and Robert Scoble weighed in, but we even saw a short blurb about it on the local morning news programs as we got ready for work this morning.

After reading Scoble’s post last night that said “If you do a search on a blogger’s name, you’ll see his/her current blog at top. Really neat.” we decided to try Ask3D for ourselves. Sure, the new application looks and feels sleek and simple, but in our mind, it’s the search RESULTS that matter most isn’t it???

We ran various searches related to this here blog through Ask3D’s new blog search engine (“the cork board”, “gallo” after our latest post, “napa”, “napa valley”, etc.) and we have to say, we were quite unimpressed with the results. We sorted our searches by Ask’s “most recent” and “relevance” filters and could hardly come up with a single result from this blog.

Now granted, we’re under no illusions that we’re as popular or highly-trafficked as many of the A-list technology bloggers out there, but that shouldn’t matter when it comes to search results. We try to make our content super-relevant to the topics we cover (napa, napa valley, wine, etc.) and we plugged in the same search terms and filters into Google’s blog search engine and immediately found our stuff. So Ask, nice new look, but when it comes to Internet search, we’ll keep looking…

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