Wine 2.0–revolution or evolution?

by TrevR on June 2, 2007

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Tom Wark over at Fermentation has a great post on his experiences and key take aways from the recent Wine 2.0 event in San Francisco, which we’re sad we missed. Our favorite excerpt is this nugget:

…the wine 2.0 phenomenon may be no more complex than a new set of technologies by which wineries communicate their story and product line to consumers, something they’ve been doing with some success with different technology long before the Internet. This would be the less reverent view of the wine 2.0 phenomenon. The most reverent view of this thing we celebrated on Friday would be the view that Online Social networking around wine will change the way all Americans understand the beverage and lead to a startling democratization of the beverage that will lead laggards to the partly in the dust.

Count us as falling in the ‘most reverent’ camp on this one, afterall, that is why we’re hard at work on our own community, Uncork29.
Uncork29 beta

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