Cork Board comments: May 2007

by TrevR on May 31, 2007

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Believe it or not, another month has come and gone. Here’s a snapshot of some of our favorite comments from May 2007…

We had a couple readers weigh in on our review of the Paraduxx winetasting experience. “The Blog Wine Cellar” had this to say:

I have tasted these wines before and they are definetly some of the best wines Duckhorn has to offer. I’m going to Napa twice this month so I will see if I can make it out that way!

We, like everyone else who blogs about wine, posted a quick entry on Cork’d being acquired Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV. Reader Kathleen had this to say about the two companies combining:

I’m excited at the news that corkd and winelibrary are joining forces. Gary puts on an informative and highly entertaining video blog up on the winelibrary website almost daily. He judges a few wines each episode, but it’s the creative WAY he describes the wines that is the secret to this great show. Definately try to catch an episode, you’ll get hooked.

Finally, our post about more up-scale hotels moving in to downtown Napa elicited a comment and a question from regular reader and commenter (thank you!) “Brian”, who said:

On the one hand, downtown Napa does need more life (and those who claim that the more upscale tourist trade is driving Napans out of their own downtown are missing an important fact-Napans have already largely abandoned downtown for big box stores and strip malls anyway!) On the other hand, does every town have to be an upscale tourist destination for the affluent?

Until next month…

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