Who doesn’t love wine and t-shirts?

by TrevR on May 30, 2007

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We stumbled across a newly launched website called Grape Apparel late last night and thought we’d share. Here in the Bay Area there’s a bit of a joke going around about the so-called Web 2.0 startups out there who’ve not yet figured out a business model–the joke being that they plan to make money by selling T-shirts, mugs, stickers and other such items.

Grape Apparel

Turns out Grape Apparel has set out to do just that. The company currently has designs in each of the following categories: Wine Regions (and yes, Napa is represented), Grape Varieties, and Novelty and the company plans to add another 200 designs by year’s end. In a press release, company founder Adrian Gabor said, “Our goal is to represent every single grape variety and region in the world. Even lovers of the most obscure wines and regions will be able to find something that interests them.”

Check out the official blog for more information.

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