Are you a mid-week slacker?

by TrevR on May 22, 2007

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We absolutely HAD to share an article the San Francisco Chronicle featured yesterday that examined something we’ve often wondered about–who are all the people out-and-about relaxing during the week while the rest of us are slaving away at work? Not only that, but what do they do and how can we enjoy THAT lifestyle?! Not surprisingly, the story is currently the “most read” item on the site…

Now we’ve taken a day off here and there, but when we do, we’re always amazed at how many people are mulling around Napa wineries, restaurants and other businesses during this time. While certainly not on the scale of what goes on in San Francisco, this is a good thing for Napa businesses…and we’re not saying weekday traffic is anywhere near weekend traffic. In fact, everyone knows the best time to do some winetasting or visit an extremely popular restaurant in the valley is mid-week if you’re looking to avoid the massive crowds.

So are there any local establishments out there who would be willing to share (quantifying however best makes sense to you) what sales look like monday-thursday vs. friday-sunday? If not sales, how about traffic, number of visitors, etc.?

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