More concerns around the 2007 Napa Valley wine harvest

by TrevR on May 20, 2007

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Earlier this year we told you about concerns that the dreaded glass winged sharpshooter may have made its way into the Napa Valley. Now, reports are circulating about the light brown apple moth from Australia having made its way to the valley.

light brown apple mothDespite its name, the moth most certainly could target the valley’s grape crop–having previously done so in the Australia and New Zealand wine growing regions. The moth, which had previously been discovered in several other Bay Area counties was this week confirmed to have been spotted in Napa County. In fact, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that a single adult light brown apple moth was discovered May 9 in a residential area of Napa.

The California state legislature is working to examine ways to prevent potential damage to the state’s valuable agriculture business.

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