WinePod: your own personal winery

by TrevR on May 1, 2007

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OK, so this one isn’t quite laser-focused on the Napa Valley like most of our entries, but it’s interesting and the company is located in the Bay Area.

WinePodThis afternoon we came across a post from Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat about WinePod, which is described as “the world’s first personal winery that enables wine consumers to make wine at home in a sleek all-in-one unit.” The product is made by a San Jose, California-based company called ProVina, which claims to have set out to revolutionize the wine business.

The company’s product overview page states:

WinePod products enable a new generation of personal, interactive winemaking. By integrating all aspects of winemaking from equipment and grape sources to consulting enologists it has never been easier to make your own custom fine wine wherever and whenever you want.

In addition to providing interactive software that promises to be your winemaking library and consultant, the company also claims to act as your vineyard manager. This means WinePod will source high-quality grapes from a variety of world-renown growing regions in order to help you create your own personal wine. According to the website, “…you can produce Napa Cabernet or Sonoma Pinot Noir year round…” using the WinePod, which will retail for US$3,499.00 (there’s currently a waiting list).

It’s certainly an interesting concept, but we’re not quite sure people will be willing to part with some $3,500 to make some homemade wine. What do you think? Does WinePod have what it takes to truly revolutionize the wine industry?

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