Cork Board Comments: April 2007

by TrevR on April 30, 2007

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Here are the Cork Board’s favorite reader comments for April 2007…

This month we heard again from “Brian”, who weighed in on our review of the Clos Du Val winetasting experience with a review of his own:

Here’s my over-wordy ramble, as I visited mid-Afternoon today (I played hooky from work and went bicycling up the Silverado Trail). Mid-afternoon, I was alone, basically. The woman doing the tasting was reasonably personable and willing to talk about the wines. No problems there. I can see where they might hurry you along if they were busy, though.

I like Clos Du Val’s house “style.” From your post, you didn’t like the 2004 Cab? I actually liked it more than you did, but I like the less fruit-forward, very dry tannic, rather austere style they seem to specialize in. Rather than pay the $10 fee, I bought the cab. She also poured their 2002 Stag’s Leap Cab, which is kind of a middle point between the base bottling and their high end “Reserve.” It was showing very well-lots of mineral and structure and acid and blackberry and olive. Very nice! A classic, but given how much I like the base bottling (at $32) I’m not sure it’s worth twice as much. Some wineries you have to buy the pricey stuff to get anything good. To CdV’s credit, that’s not the case here.

I love their Merlot, too. I like the big “structured” feel of the wine. I would buy the merlot, and have in the past.

The Chard didn’t excite me too much-it’s not a grape I love. At least it wasn’t drowning in butter.

I’m not big for Pinot, but your description is right on and this would be one of the few Carneros pinots I could see buying. I like it better than Reynolds, for example.

They were very busy when I came back to pick up my wine, but she was still very friendly (at closing time to boot). Like every service business, I guess, employees vary and even good people have bad days. I would give them a solid ***

Tim” had a question about our review of the Pine Ridge winetasting experience:

Nice write-up but it had me wondering if the tasting fee was $10 or they had poured you another couple wines, you would have given them 4 corks. Seems they did everything right and the wines you did taste were solid so I was wondering if that extra cork was value related?

Finally, “helenjane” shared our sadness in the fact that Yountville’s Compadres Bar & Grill is closing:

Groan. That was one of the best post-work happy hour joints for a beer and some guacamole.

Until next month…

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