A very bad pairing: wine and spam

by TrevR on April 23, 2007

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So we took the weekend off from blogging to attend to personal stuff (a family birthday celebration, working on the house, grocery shopping, etc.) Upon logging in this morning, we were somewhat amazed to find nearly 30 comments waiting to be approved.

Now, granted, we’ve got a great group of readers who regularly comment on our random posts about the Napa Valley, wine, or whatever else is on our mind, but the number of new comments since Friday evening seemed quite high. Sure enough, of all the comments, only two were people trying to share their thoughts and opinions and engage in a useful conversation. The rest were spam (we were actually somewhat hesitant to write a post on this for fear of being further inundated with such activity).

So this morning, we here at The Cork Board would like to echo the sentiments of A-list blogger Robert Scoble, who over the weekend said thank you to the WordPress plugin Akismet, which seeks to make comment spam a non-issue. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who do post legitimate comments on the blog–if you sometimes notice a delay in seeing your comment go-live, now you know why.

Hopefully Akismet and other such tools continue to evolve to help us bloggers fight the growing number of unwanted and uninvited comments. After all, we’ve yet to find a wine that goes well with spam.

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