Cork Board Comments: March 2007

by TrevR on March 31, 2007

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As this blog evolves, we continue to get more and more great comments from you, our loyal readers. As our way of saying ‘thank you’ to those of you who take the time to leave a comment or two on our posts, we’ve decided to close each month with a quick round-up of the comments we found most insightful, useful, wacky or just plain funny.

So, with out further delay, here are the Cork Board’s favorite reader comments for March 2007…

In response to our post on the Duckhorn Vineyards winetasting experience, reader, “Brian,” provided a few insights into his experiences when visiting the winery:

I don’t know. I sense a little bit of coolness (I was underdressed)…On the other hand, they were extremely professional, and were willing to talk if you show interest or knowledge. Plus, they do not hard sell wine clubs…It just depends on what you want. If you want folksy, down home trip over the hoses going to the tanks-not your place. (I like both styles, so I’m easy!)

Commenting on our entry regarding a strange sighting in a local vineyard, “Dr. Debs” enlightened us as to how/why sheep are good for farmland:

At The Sea Ranch we use sheep for fuel abatement to cut down on the fire risk without just mowing. Sheep and goats get moved from place to place all around the ranch, munching on all that food and keeping down the fire fuel. And the “fertilizer” helps the wildflowers the next spring.

And “Paul Sharp” told us about similar practices ‘down under’:

If you think this is interesting how about grazing them in the vineyard after fruit set to do the leaf plucking! I’ve heard of this being tested recently in few southern hemisphere vineyards. Apparently it’s quite tricky to do. But the basic idea is that the grapes are still in the green phase before veraison. Thus the grapes are high in acid and quite unpalatable. The sheep would rather just nip off the leaves as far as they can reach. So the effectiveness depends on the height of the trellising wire.

Taking us to task for our post on a Friday night in Napa, “Mr Vino” had this to say:

Sushi Mambo a “favorite”? You’ve not experienced much sushi before, have you? Take a trip to SF or even Sausalito for real sushi. Besides, a roll taking 3 bites is excessive.

Keep those comments coming!

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