Ever seen an Oreo cookie cow?

by TrevR on March 30, 2007

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OK, so this one’s admittedly a bit odd. Ever since we can remember there have been some strange looking beings roaming the hills of the Napa Valley. And no, we’re not talking about Martians or anything that resembles Alf. We can’t help but wonder if we’re the only ones who look at something and automatically think how much it resembles a cookie.

Next time you’re driving north on Highway 29 and you pass the Highway 121 intersection (the left turn to head towards Sonoma) you’ll come around a slight left bend in the highway. At that point, take a look off to the hillside on your left hand side (caution: only extremely skilled drivers should attempt this stunt).

If you’re looking in the right spot, you’ll be staring at Stewart Ranch, which has some of the most amazing-looking cows we’ve ever seen. The ranch is owned and run by Ailene Pritchett and her husband Jim McGlothern and apparently their interesting cows even got the attention of Good Morning America a few years ago.

We recently snapped a couple photos of the “Oreo cookie cows” as we like to call them, and have inserted them here for your viewing pleasure. Happy Friday.

Oreo Cookie Cows
More Oreo Cookie Cows

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