If Napa’s home, where to vacation?

by TrevR on March 23, 2007

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Every year more than five million people visit the Napa Valley. Things get super busy when the weather warms up and tourist season peaks during ‘the crush’, that time in the late summer/early fall when all the wineries are harvesting grapes from the vines to start the actual winemaking process. Having lived in the valley for some thirty years, the daily, weekly, monthly cycle of tourists in and out of the valley has simply become a part of life.

It gets interesting when it comes time for us to think about a vacation. Sure, we’ve pondered ‘getting away’ by heading out to a quiet bed-and-breakfast up-valley, or even staying a few nights at Meadowood or Silverado Resort. But it just doesn’t feel like a vacation when you’re less than 20 miles from home.

So, team Cork Board is headed out on vacation next week. That’s right, we’re getting away from the Napa Valley for a bit, exchanging our sunny, warm weather and vineyards for some cooler, much wetter Pacific Northwest air. Rest assured we’ve got some fun and exciting posts lined-up for you next week, so be sure to keep reading the blog!

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