A review of the Duckhorn winetasting experience

by TrevR on March 20, 2007

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Late last week, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Stacy Finz ran an article on Napa’s Duckhorn Vineyards. The story, which talks a bit about the history of the winery, is really a review of the wine tasting experience at one of Napa’s more esteemed locales.

Overall, Finz gave the winery two stars (or a “good” rating) out of a possible four. Here’s a quick excerpt from Finz on the wine tasting experience:

The staff was accommodating, but a little standoffish. They seemed to assess your seriousness about the wine before deciding whether you were worth a spiel about Duckhorn.

These remarks really caught our eye as we’re slated to do some wine tasting at Duckhorn with family in a few weeks. Have you visited Duckhorn lately? What do you think? Stay tuned for a full report on our experience…

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