Expectant mother’s guide to the wine country

by Karen on March 3, 2007

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In an effort to have one last hurrah with my wife before our first baby is born, I suggested we spend a fun and relaxing day in Napa. After all, we do live here and after recommending so many places to our friends, we thought it wouldn’t be a problem to come up with things to do. Suddenly, we realized that maybe the wine country wasn’t so pregnancy-friendly. I couldn’t very well ask my wife to be the designated driver as we jumped around the valley to visit our favorite wineries–and she definitely doesn’t have the stamina to play 18-holes of golf with me anymore. What to do? After doing a little research, here’s what we came up with:

Great Olive Tours (St. Helena) allows guests to visit old world orchards and ranches and see methods of pressing and crushing olives. The tour is quite lengthy, but at least my wife won’t leave exhausted, since guests are taken on a guided tour in a Mercedes sedan. You can also arrange for a cooking demonstration if you and your wife are foodies.

Oh baby! Amadeus Spa (Napa) offers pregnancy massage services and Mount View Hotel & Spa (Calistoga) has an “OH BABY! Package.” Included in the package is one night deluxe accommodations for two, a pregnancy massage (which can be substituted for a Swedish massage or a facial), a bottle of sparkling cider, champagne flutes, chocolate celebratory cigars and other little add-ons.

After a day like this, I plan to take my wife to ZuZu (Napa), honestly, because her palate always seems to be changing and their small plates make it easy to accommodate whatever she might be in the mood for. A great meal, followed by a little sweet treat at Sweetie Pies (Napa), which is about a 5 minute walk from ZuZu, will hopefully end the day perfectly.

What are your favorite wine country activities that don’t include wine? Post them in the comments.

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