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by TrevR on March 1, 2007

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If you’re out there writing about localized wine regions, I have a question for you: Are locals finding your blog content through If they’re not, you’re missing out! is a new community tool that takes content localization to a whole new level. Here’s how it works:

You log-on to, enter your city, neighborhood or zip code (U.S. only for now) in the field below the map, and start exploring your community. From there you’re able to view the latest news and opinions from people who literally live in your neighborhood.

By clicking the “add a blog” button, anyone is able to submit a blog from their local area to the site. By doing that, whenever that blogger writes a new blog entry, will include an excerpt from the entry on the site, with a link back to the original entry. Nice little way of further distributing your content, don’t you think?

Surprisingly, we’re only seeing ourselves and Goosecross Cellars in the 94558 zip code at this point…

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