Meadowood (The Restaurant)
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Phone: 707-967-1205
Hours of Operation: Dinner Mon - Sat 5:30 - 9:30pm.
Average Rating: 4

    User Avatar 2-Michelin stars means stellar food
    (Posted by: Kathy on 09-30-2008 @ 12:14 PM)

    Driving up to Meadowood feels like going to an exclusive resort on the east coast. Seems there is lots of old money (big Bentleys and lots of Mercedes), plenty of tennis courts, and a group of middle-agers dressed in whites to play crouquet on the finely manicured lawns. Meanwhile, Meadowood Restaurant teams with an international staff all well-versed in the food and wines. We built our own tasting menu included my absolute highlight: lobster with sweetbreads and summer truffle foam. It was incredibly delicious - sending shivvers from my tongue to my toes. We also had the wine pairings with the dishes. My smoked toro and oestra caviar was paired with a woody, smooth sake, which I thought was a clever "wine pairing."

    Despite all this culinary ecstacy, I did overhear other patrons complain about the food. Two people sent back dishes for being too salty. Another complained that the wine overpowered the food it was paired with. Certainly, these are all subjective matters based on the individual palettes, but I was surprised that the tables within earshot weren't 100% happy with the 2-Michelin star food.

    It was definitely delicious, inventive and beautifully presented. But that one extra star that French Laundry received really shines brighter than you'd imagine. If you want to save up for the stars - prioritize French Laundry. For two-stars, I think I'd go for Cyrus in Healdsburg over Meadowood. But, heck, it's not like I go to Michelin-starred restaurants every day, so Meadowood still is an absolute treat.

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