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    (Posted by: krj99 on 12-10-2008 @ 1:44 PM)

    My very first spa experience was at Health Spa Napa Valley, about four years ago. Having had such a wonderful experience, I've used it as a benchmark for all other treatments I've had in other establishments, to which most have fallen short. I hoped that my second visit would leave me with the same impressions as the first, however, I was a little disappointed.

    The spa is currently undergoing construction. From what I gathered, they're not adding to their current space, they're just updating their facilities. Since tourism falls off during the Winter months, it would make sense that any renovations or construction would take place at this time of the year. However, they did not take into account the conveniences that would still be helpful for guests. For instance, guests needing to use restrooms would have to go out of the building and use the restrooms across the way at the Inn at Southbridge. This is pretty inconvenient if you have to go in between treatments wearing nothing but your robe. Also, if you are done with your treatment and need to go back to the locker rooms, you need to exit the treatment area and go into a hallway that is shared by all guests, including those using the gym and the lap pool. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of having other guests see me in a spa robe with my hair in a bunched up mess from my scalp massage. In the end, the space didn't lend itself to allowing guests to lounge about for a day of relaxation. I simply packed up my stuff and left once I was done.

    The treatment itself was OK. I had a Swedish Massage and a Cucumber Mint Wrap (in lieu of their signature Grape Seed Mud Wrap which they weren't offering at the moment).

    Overall, my experience was just OK. I'm hoping the construction, once completed, will provide a better atmosphere for a relaxing spa day.

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